Book 16 of 50 – The Art of War

Sun Tzu wrote this classic, The Art of War, thousands of years ago, yet military academies still study it today. In fact, the translator placed notes throughout to show how Hanibal, Napoleon, Hitler and others followed the advice in this book, as well.

The Art of War cover

The Art of War cover

I read this book to the kids over two days – two sessions of read-aloud fun, about one hour each. It is a short book and very straightforward.

Tzu says, “There are nine type of terrains,” and he proceeds to list them and describe them. Or, he says, “There are only two types of conflict, direct and indirect…”

Your sons will probably enjoy this book more than your daughters. The Art of War became a springboard for discussions about past battles. I have taught my children a lot of world history, but we have discovered they have gaps of knowledge. We will do our best to fill those gaps in in the following years.

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