Book 14 of 50 – Co. Aytch

Sam Watkins fought as a Confederate soldier during the Civil War. Twenty years after the war, Watkins wrote this memoir, Co. Aytch about his experience. His stories about surviving enemy fire border the surreal.

Co. Aytch

Co. Aytch book cover

His company was named “H.” Back then, they spelled words they way they sounded – hence the title. Sam’s regiment hailed from Tennessee. Since I live in Tennessee, I recognized a lot of the places he mentions.

Next year, when the kids and I will study US History for high school credit, we will travel through some of these Civil War sites right here in Tennessee. They will read this book. As you know by now, this is my year to pre-read all these literature titles which come with the Notgrass History curriculum we plan to use.

Needless to say, I am having a lot of fun learning about US History in depth. Growing up in Europe, I knew the big outlines and events which have shaped the USA. I love discovering the details of these big events and how things connect with each other.

My father was a history buff but I never really enjoyed history as a child. Now, as an adult, history has taken a whole new meaning to me. I want to soak it up and share it with my children – along with any other piece of knowledge I possess.

Expect some gory details about the wounded and killed soldiers from Sam’s recollections in Co. Aytch. Also, neat stories about Southern belles welcoming and feeding the soldiers of the Confederacy.


When God provides

As I take a book with me everywhere I go, I happened to have this book in my hand when I took my son to the hairdresser’s. What do you know? She spotted the title and said, “Co. Aytch! Great book. My husband used to have a shop about the Civil War in downtown Gatlinburg. We have read this book and many others about the Civil War. He actually wrote a book called ‘The Battle of Gatlinburg.’ If you ever have time, come over to our house and we will show you a great collection of swords, buckles, books etc from the Civil War.”

Lo, God provides. When we submit to His calling on our lives (homeschooling our children), doors open that we never knew were there. You better believe we will take her up on her offer and visit her home for a field trip when we study the Civil War next year. Also, I will borrow her husband’s book about our own town’s battle and read all about it.

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