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The blind man came to Jesus and shouted, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” They told him to be quiet. They said, “Don’t disturb Him! Don’t make so much noise!” But he kept it up. He asked for mercy. Jesus heard him. The Savior wanted the man to be specific. “What do you want me to do for you?” The blind man had prepared his answer. He was quick to say, “Lord, grant that I may see again!” And Jesus gave him his eyesight back. (Some translations suggest this man used to be able to see, but went blind at some point in his life.)


For the first time, I am posting every day for a month.

We all need to pray this prayer as we homeschool our children. Not just a general prayer of “Lord, have mercy on me!” but a specific prayer for better vision. Our prayer needs to go along the lines of specific details. Jesus invites us to pray for certain specific aspects of our lives. 

And, of course, for better eyes. Do we see our children as trees, moving about, or do we see them as persons? Do we respect their development? Their age? Abilities? Or do we rush them through the motions in order to achieve our goals for the day? I am mainly writing this for myself, mind you.

By the way, I prayed this prayer today (“Lord, that I may see again!”) because I felt raw and disconnected and resentful under injury. Stuff from my past was coming back to me, things I thought I had forgiven to my debtors… And then, in the middle of a sermon in church, the lady behind me started coughing. Loudly. Nonstop. Annoying. STOP. I can’t hear the pastor.

Then the thought occurred to me, she is miserable. She is coughing all over my sermon experience, but she is miserable. What’s the best response to this? Just stay humble. Maybe say a prayer that she gets better. She’s definitely ill or struggling with an allergy. And then, the application: all those past injuries I can’t seem to forgive and forget, all those people who have said nasty things to me about homeschooling or other things, they were just coughing. That is all.

They had issues of their own and they were just coughing them all over my experience. It had nothing to do with me. I just happened to be living my life and they interrupted it by coughing. They could not help it. Do I hold them prisoner and do I hold myself prisoner because they were sick? So I thanked God today for better vision. And I forgave my debtors all over again.

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