Are They Homeschooled?

A few weeks ago, my children attended Science Camp in Sevierville. The teachers were either community college professors or public school teachers. It was a good experience, though not perfect. Nothing and nobody is perfect, right?

Dracula's Castle Bran Castle

Bran Castle in Romania, a.k.a. Dracula’s Castle, which we visited in April, when it was not crowded.

On the last day of class, one of the teachers was quizzing my children’s group verbally. She would tell them a definition and they would have to guess the name of that scientific concept. It’s a game called “I Have… Who Has…” 

Most children were quiet or got the wrong answers. Once my kids understood the rules of the game, their bank of knowledge kicked in and got most answers right. The teacher caught on to this and, half way through the game, asked a colleague standing nearby, “These two know a lot. Are they homeschooled?”

It put a smile on my face. I was far enough away from the scene to not be part of the class experience, but close enough to hear and see what was going on. My children replied that yes, they are homeschooled and everybody just moved on.

But that statement from a public school teacher spoke volumes. She sees public school children every day. She knows what their capabilities are. When she sees somebody who knows “a lot” she immediately wonders if they are homeschooled. She knows public school children don’t know as much.

FYI, this particular card game was designed for Grades 2-3 and my children are entering first and third grade respectively. My son’s science scores on the standardized test he takes every year have always been through the roof, so I should not be surprised.

It’s ironic that science being my least favorite subject has somehow become our strongest. Is that what happens when you don’t know what you are doing? I think so. You end up researching and finding the best curriculum and field trips, better than in the subjects you enjoy naturally. You figure you got those. But for science, boy, you have to really work hard. And it shows.

What is your experience? Have you struggled to teach one subject only to find out your children really excel in that arena?

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