15 Years Ago

Fifteen years ago, I was working in Stockholm, Sweden. A colleague walked over to my desk and told me a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. For the rest of the day, we tried in vain to get news from the overwhelmed site of BBC, which was loading very slowly. I suppose all of Europe and beyond was desperate to find out what happened.

World Trade Center

World Trade Center (image courtesy of Wikipedia.org)

So much has happened since that fateful day. Our lives have never been the same. As I homeschool my young children, it is hard to decide at what age I can talk to them about what happened on 9/11/01. The tragedy seems so senseless. 

We watched Stan Wawrinka win the US Open this year and mention 9/11. I choked all over again. No matter how much time passes, this is a wound that does not go away.

There are no words.

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