10 Years of Blogging

On August 4, 2013 I pushed Publish on my first blog post here at Homeschool Ways. Ten years ago, we started homeschooling our oldest from Kindergarten on up and my sister suggested I document it all in a blog. A blogger herself, she understands the therapeutic power of writing about one’s experience. So thank you, sis, for planting that seed of an idea in my head a decade ago.

Pittsburgh Zoo Photo Op

Photo op at the Pittsburgh Zoo, July 2023

In that sense, this blog has helped me a lot. From the feedback I have received over they years, Homeschool Ways, the blog, has also helped many readers. That was the point, really. As I received help in the beginning of my homeschool career from other moms who have gone before me, I wanted to help others.

Hopefully nobody has gotten discouraged by reading about our successes. The very tool meant to encourage can become the hammer of discouragement. To that end, I have also tried to show some of our not-so-fine moments. We are not perfect. Our homeschool is not perfect. We make mistakes, but we learn from them and grow through them.

This is the place where I thank all of you who have taken the time to write a comment. Feedback helps a blogger more than you know. A big thank you to my husband, as well. He accepted the challenge of homeschooling reluctantly, but he is a believer now. My children deserve a thank you, too. They have taught me lessons of compassion and humility and many other character issues.

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