Lessons from the Seventh Week

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This seventh week taught us several things. First, children will eat vegetables they pick out at the grocery store. One day, after a routine doctor’s appointment, I took the kids to Kroger and showed them all the fruits and vegetables available. They knew most of them, but things like bok choy, artichoke hearts, and turnips looked unfamiliar to them.

Fort Loudon

My children at Fort Loudon Historic State Area

We do not use those veggies in our dishes, but I wanted them to know they exist. I have cooked turnips before, but I did not like them, so I stopped buying them. Plus, they remind me of rutabaga, and I have some bad memories about rutabaga. The less said about it, the better. Continue reading »


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Tonight I feel discouraged. We had an incident during violin practice with one of our children. This child refuses to slow down and do what is required. I worked and worked with their attitude. Nothing worked. Nothing I tried, that is.

Finally, I had to put a stop to the practice and send the child to their room. I felt so empty.

When I don’t succeed in motivating interest, it takes away my energy.

I feel discouraged.

What I know for sure is that when one is discouraged, one should not make any decisions.

I will not make any decisions. Not tonight.

Consequences will have to be applied – removal of privileges works well. No screen time for a week or something of that nature. No dessert – sugar is not good for us anyway…

It’s not the action. It’s the attitude behind the action that bothers me. It’s the defiance that needs to be addressed.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart.

Even if my children attended a private school or a public school, I would still be the one enforcing violin practice and piano practice, along with homework.

It was a tough day at the office. My husband reassures me this too shall pass. Education, like parenting, is a journey and some portions of this journey are tough.

Here’s to the power of prayer and steadfastness.

Thoughtful Thursday Week 34 – Consequences

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My children do not always have a perfect attitude. Please tell me that you knew and expected that, given the fact that we are human beings and I never made any announcement that we have reached perfection. So, we have “those days” when they moan and groan about chores or learning or practicing violin and piano. What do I do?

Thoughtful Thursday - Consequences

Well, I am not perfect either. Some days I make mistakes in the way I handle their bad attitude. Then we make up and apologize to each other and we are the stronger for it. Other days I manage to keep my cool, say a prayer for wisdom, and find a way to motivate them. It is going to be a long life in the homeschooling lifestyle if my children have attitude problems every day, right? Good thing they don’t.

I expect they will have less and less of those days as we consistently show them there will be no videos until they finish their chores, learning, and practicing their instruments. Or other consequences. Continue reading »