Story of the World, Vol. 2, Chapter 11

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The Ancient Kingdom of the Franks takes up all of chapter 11. As a Francophile, I am delighted to study about the history of France and to introduce my children to the richness of that culture. I remember studying about the Merovingian dynasty at the University of Bucharest, where I majored in French and English.

Clovis Coloring Page

My daughter does not even know the Blue Beard story yet, but she sensed Clovis should have a blue beard.

The chapter tells two stories: one about the background around the time of Merovius and how he united the Franks, Romans, Allemani and Burgundians for the first time in order to fight the Huns; the second one is about his grandson, Clovis, who united these peoples again in order to create an empire.  Continue reading »