Thoughtful Thursday Week 3 – Start Creating

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We have been talking about how to stop learning and start thinking. The next step is to start creating. Because in the process of thinking you open yourself up to the Universe or to God, depending on your belief system, creativity comes naturally.

Oscar-nominated composer Pharrell Williams shares with Oprah that he creates his music either in the shower (think sensory deprivation) or in the moment when he’s got no more ideas. In the case of his song Happy, Pharrell reached the point where he had tried everything and the movies executives still did not approve.

To be exact, Pharrell took eight different songs to those who hired him to do the soundtrack for Despicable Me 2. They pushed him to try again by saying, “Close, but that’s not it.”

Thoughtful Thursday Week 3 - Start Creating

Did Pharrell give up? Did he tell them to get another guy? Did he start thinking negatively? Continue reading »