Studying for Baptism

We were excited when our son told us he would like to get baptized sooner rather than later. During a recent church service, the speaker made an appeal and our son felt called to respond. Not wanting to make a show of himself, he kept it to himself until after church, when he told us about it. I gave him the pastor’s phone number so that they can set up a schedule for regular Bible studies.

Our son at Clingmans Dome

Our son at Clingmans Dome

They have already met via Zoom several times. The pastor said the baptismal study series is about 15 lessons. If they study once a week, which is the plan now, we are looking at a fall date for our son’s baptism.

We did not push for this, we did not pester him, we did not ask him to look into. Instead, the Holy Spirit came over him pretty hard that day. Our son said his heart was beating so hard, like he had never felt his heart beat before.

As Christian parents, we rejoice to hear that our son is developing his own walk with God. “Train up a child in the way he should go,” says the Bible. We have been doing that since the beginning, but you just never know. And the road ahead will probably bring challenges that will test his faith, but we all have to go through trials.

Until then, let us enjoy this moment. This is a victory. Please keep praying for your children.

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