Strawberry Shortcake

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As a breakfast food or as a dessert, strawberry shortcake does not disappoint. I like mine in the morning, for breakfast, with the sauce over it and topped with banana slices. The picture does not do it justice, but then I have already told you this is not a food blog, right? Without further ado, here is the recipe.

Strawberry shortcake

Strawberry shortcake



1/3 c oil

3/4 c non-dairy milk

2 Tbsp. Sugar-in-the-Raw

1 tsp. vanilla

2 c flour

1 tsp. salt

3 tsp. aluminium-free baking powder

1 lb. strawberries, fresh or frozen

2 Tbsp. cornstarch Continue reading »

Stuffed Tomatoes

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Tomatoes can be stuffed with different spreads or ground crumbles. I used Morning Star crumbles or similar vegetarian ground “beef” and eggplant spread to stuff my tomatoes.

I love eggplants, don’t you? Eggplants are nutritious, high in fiber and low in calories. Plus they look so pretty, all purple and shiny and smooth. I just think eggplants are the best!

Stuffed tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes over a bed of lettuce – the taste of summer

Growing up in Romania, I am very familiar with “salata de vinete” or eggplant spread. You grill eggplants, then you peel off the skins under slow water. After you cut off the stems, you should let them sit in a colander in the sink, so they can let their juices drain.  Continue reading »