Story of the World, Vol. 2, Chapter 3

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Wow! It has taken us three weeks to get back into history. We have been busy. We took a trip, welcomed some dear friends, finished swimming lessons and the Summer Reading Program, kept up with our violin and piano practice and lessons… The summer break is finally over. I am thankful. Summer can be so crazy busy, it’s good to get back into a school routine.

It was hard to get the kids into a routine for the first week of school, which is why history had to wait. But now, we are on it. Last night, I read Chapter 3 to them, about Christianity coming to Britain. They colored (three different coloring sheets in this chapter!) and then worked on the map. Today, we made a monk meal according to the directions.

Monk Meal

Lentil soup, spinach, cheddar cheese, homemade multigrain bread

It was funny to introduce them to concepts like monks and monasteries. In their innocence, they replied with, “What? That’s crazy!” about a life spent going to church seven times a day and never marrying. My children have both already expressed the desire to get married and have a family one day, which I think is very healthy.  Continue reading »