Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers Review and Giveaway

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Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers is a part of my birthday month giveaway extravaganza. To enter, please sign up for email updates on the right menu.

This curriculum serves me well because I don’t really like teaching science. But having a well-organized, well-structured textbook with simple activities listed by age, helps a lot.

Sugar and salt containers

In one of the activities illustrating taste, one shows salt and sugar to students, asking them to identify them only by sight, feel or smell. Impossible, right? Once you allow them to engage their sense of taste, they get the answer.

Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers by Susan Kilbride contains 20 lessons, 10 for ages 4-7 and 10 for ages 8-13. The last chapter provides answers to tests and worksheets.

A homeschooling parent, Ms. Kilbride wanted to write a book that made science easy to teach for homeschooling parents. She also wanted to make learning science fun. She has succeeded.

Not only can you teach students of different ages at the same time, but you can do so regardless of your educational background. Personally, I need all the help I can get when it comes to teaching science. So I need a science curriculum which says, “point out to your students that…” and “tell your students that…” I know some homeschooling moms who don’t like scripted textbooks, but I don’t mind them at all.

Even though teaching science is still teaching science, Ms. Kilbride’s book makes it fun and easy. Get it now or sign up for email updates on the right, to be entered into the birthday month extravaganza. Your homeschool science classes can only get better with this curriculum.