Mom Monday Week 5 – The Homeschool Mom’s Bible

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A daily devotional time helps me a lot on this journey called homeschooling. The question is not, “Should I spend the time every day?” but “What exactly should I read?”

When I heard about the Homeschooling Mom’s Bible by Zondervan and Alpha Omega Publications, I knew that’s what I wanted to read this year. I could even choose a King James Version. (My affiliate link is NIV. They may have run out of KJV.)

I love the King James Version of the Bible. It’s so dignified – the way God’s words ought to be.

The Homeschool Mom Bible - The daily devotional pages got embedded into a KJV Bible published by Zondervan and Alpha Omega Publications.

My devotional this year, written by Janet Tatman, got embedded into a KJV Bible published by Zondervan and Alpha Omega Publications.

Written by Janet Tatman, you can find this devotional for free under the blog section of Alpha Omega Publications’ website.

Mom Monday Series on Homeschool Ways

That does not work for me, because they publish the devotionals one day at a time and I don’t read just one page a day. I read as many as it takes. Continue reading »

Mom Monday Week 1 – Children Change the Status Quo

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It’s the first Monday of 2014. Is it already a busy, manic Monday? Or is it slow because you are experiencing the post-holiday letdown? Homeschool Ways will help you every Monday in 2014 through a new series called Mom Monday.

Please take two minutes to read some encouraging words or to find a few tips. These short articles will fall in one of five categories: spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, and fun.

Children Change Everything - Week 1

My life changed 100% when I became a mom. Yours did too, probably. I’m not just referring to the amount of laundry, cooking and cleaning I have to do, now that I care for two extra bodies. I also care for two minds and two spiritual beings.  Continue reading »