Thoughtful Thursday Week 2 – Start Thinking

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There is a time for everything: a time to think. It would help if you stopped learning, as I explained in my previous Thoughtful Thursday post. [tweetthis]Cogito ergo sum, right? I think, therefore, I am.[/tweetthis] If I stop thinking, I have ceased to exist.

The man who came up with that phrase was René Descartes, a French mathematician and philosopher. This phrase became a cornerstone of Western philosophy.

Thoughtful Thursday Week 2

In the context of homeschooling, how do you stop learning and start thinking? Well, how about not following the textbook to the teeth? How about using our minds to assess if our children are too bored or too intimidated by a particular curriculum? Thinking, in this case, is scary. What if you have to change curriculum mid-semester? Was that a waste of your money?  Continue reading »