My TEDx Talk

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Back in February, I gave a TEDx Talk on Dracula and Multilingualism. The video was supposed to be uploaded to the internet in April, but the technical crew got behind. It happens to the best of us. I will not hold it against them.


Yours truly on the TEDx stage at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Five months later, in the middle of September, the videos finally got edited and uploaded. All the talks are interesting to me, even though I may not agree with everything being said. It’s about ideas worth spreading. Exploring new thoughts and concepts keeps you sharp.

Looking back on the experience, I can see I learned a lot while putting together my own talk, refining it, and learning it by heart. It was stressful at the time, but worth it. Continue reading »

Dracula and Multilingualism

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On February 20, 2016 I gave a TEDx UTK talk on Dracula and Multilingualism. It was a lot of fun to write, re-write, and memorize this talk. I got really nervous the week before the event, but I survived to tell the story.

The video is being edited and will be available in about one month. Once it gets uploaded to YouTube and the TED website I will let you know.

TEDx UTK Rehearsals

The night before the event, we rehearsed one more time. With Katie Lou Rogers, the coordinator, who was giving me the latest details.

It was really cool to work with UT students – the kind of young people I did not think existed anymore. They were professional, focused, and gave it their all in putting this event together. The coordinator, Katie Lou Rogers, was really helpful and made me feel at home during the rehearsals and the actual event.

This is the third annual TEDx UTK event and it was held at McClung Museum of Natural History. My husband took the kids to the Muse while I was busy with my TEDx event. They came with me to the first rehearsal and I just could not focus with them in the audience. We decided it was going to be too emotional for me with them in the room.  Continue reading »


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On February 20, 2016 I will give a TEDx talk at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. The venue chosen for this year is the McClung Museum of Natural History. There will be two sessions, morning and afternoon. I speak in the morning.

The event is sold out as of yesterday. They will stream it live and they will also upload the talks to YouTube afterwards. I will get back with you and give you the links when it is all said and done.


TEDx UTK is an independently organized event in the style of TED talks you may be familiar with from YouTube and their own site.

My talk is “Dracula and Multilingualism.” I will show how multilingualism can open doors and take you places, the connection between Dracula and multilingualism, as well as the connection between me and Dracula.  Continue reading »