Happy Birthday to Me!

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On February 21st, I celebrated my birthday. I am one of those people who love birthdays. So many people die early and we lost quite a few people last year. It’s good to be alive. Every new birthday is a reason to be happy that we are still alive. Every day we get to spend with our loved ones and to be productive is a reason to say, “Hurray!”

This year, I gave myself the gift of a TEDx Talk. It happened to be on February 20th, just one day before my birthday. Just kidding. It worked out that way, I did not actually set out to say, “I know what I want for my birthday in 2016! To give a TEDx talk!”

Purple Fitbit

My favorite color: purple

My husband and children gave me a Fitbit and workout clothes, because they know I am serious about my fitness. It was fun for my daughter to pick the colors, my husband tells me. And my son read the instructions for my Fitbit and very seriously advised me on how to use it.

I am a blessed woman and thank God for my family and the good times we have together. They took me out to eat for lunch. There is a Japanese restaurant in Pigeon Forge where they prepare the food right in front of you. We thought it might be cool for the kids to see this. We had been there before, but apparently they do not remember it.

In the evening, daddy read to the kids while I watched the one show I watch on TV: Downton Abbey. Can you believe Lady Mary? How mean she can be! Anyhow, Julian Fellowes (the writer) better wrap things up nicely for Lady Edith. He has two more episodes to do so.

Sometime in the afternoon I spoke with my mom and thanked her for giving birth to me. It’s good to have a mom still alive, isn’t it? This is my first birthday without a father.

This has been a great birthday and I look forward to this next year!