How to Prepare for the CRNA National Certifying Exam

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Some of my friends became nurse anesthetists and they make a bundle of money every year without the added pressure of working as a medical doctor. You know me, I like to plan ahead when it comes to the education of my children. I found out there are things to be done in high school if you plan on this career.

The National Certifying Exam is one of the most important exams to take when you are trying to become a Registered Nurse Anesthetist. As a student, there are a few important preparations to make before taking the test.

1. Start as Early as Possible

There are a lot of exam materials to cover when you’re studying for the National Certifying Exam. Whether you are taking the test for the first time or you’re doing a CRNA recertification, getting started as early as possible is a must. Continue reading »