Animals in Our Backyard

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Less telling, more showing.

Three animals we have spotted in our yard: a groundhog, a rabbit, and a black bear. Enjoy!


Kids watching a hare in our backyard

Watching Peter Rabbit


Rabbit in backyard

He heard me


Groundhog standing in front yard

Groundhog standing


Groundhog running

Look at it go!


Man challenges black bear

My husband challenged the bear with our children’s sled before he got out the firecrackers


This bear has been coming by every evening. He is cute but he is not really scared of loud noises unless he is at eye level with you. When he was looking at my husband from the hill, he just watched and did not make a move. The firecrackers finally got him moving, but very, very slowly. That’s why I cannot leave the kids outside by themselves. Ever.