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Recently, it became evident to me that some homeschoolers and potential homeschoolers would like to receive more personal attention than just reading my blog. I love homeschooling and started this blog to help others thrive in their homeschool, but everybody is unique. Besides, your questions may have some personal information that you do not want on the Internet in the form of a comment on a blog.

Adriana Zoder, homeschooling consultant

Adriana Zoder, Homeschool Consultant

Sometimes all you need is a little pep talk from somebody who is in the trenches with you. Other times, you have specific questions about how to implement the schedule or which curriculum to use.

The passion for our children, for giving them a great start in life, is common to all homeschoolers. But, at the end of the day, homeschooling is different for everybody. We all have different ways of teaching. When a consultant can answer your questions in an individualized way, it really helps.

In order to fill this need, I am offering three homeschool consulting packages: Continue reading »