Story of the World, Vol. 2, Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 describes how Islam became an Empire. It is a rather long chapter. It took us three sessions to finish it. We did the map work at the very end, for some reason. We started out with the snake crafts. These represent the valley of the snakes from Sinbad’s adventures.

We hung two from the ceiling and turned the ceiling fan on. They flew around and twirled and got tangled up, but it was still neat to see them going.

Sinbad valley of the snake craft

My daughter’s snake craft

My daughter did not want to hang hers up. She did not want a button on hers, either. She just wanted to hold onto hers and play with it. Of course, it did not last long. She has not played with her snake since the day she made it. I have gotten used to these patterns now.  Continue reading »

When we read about the roc bird, I quickly Googled it on my phone and clicked on images. What do you know? The first image I got was of the mythical bird holding an elephant in its claws, just like in the story I was reading to them. I passed the phone to them and they flipped through more images while I finished the story. Aren’t you thankful for the internet? This kind of thing would have required a trip to the library when we were growing up.

Sinbad's Valley of the Snakes craft hanging under the ceiling fan

Sinbad’s Valley of the Snakes craft hanging under the ceiling fan

We learned the word scimitar. I knew it in Romanian (iatagan) but I never knew it in English. I love learning alongside my children.

All in all a great chapter and I almost feel no need to order any of the titles recommended for extra reading. But I will. I will be a good little homeschooling mom and sit down with that list and decide on a title. My library does not carry it, in all probability, but they are happy to order it for me through the Inter-Library Loan System.

Story of the World, Vol. 2, Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 deals with the rise of Islam. We worked on the craft first. I definitely did not want to make an oasis scene with all the candy recommended, so I was glad they provided a low-sugar version. Even so, I decided that we could use LEGO bricks for the camel, since we did not have animal crackers.

Camel and bedouin in an oasis

Camel and bedouin in an oasis

The kids got into it when I told them to build me some palm trees.

Oasis craft

Putting the oasis together

I prepared the sand by crushing up some old wheat crackers in a zip lock bag, with a rolling pin.

I made "sand" by crushing wheat crackers

I made “sand” by crushing wheat crackers

They surprised me by adding a mini-figure to the scene. The water was aluminium foil, which I kept in place with double tape. Maybe it should have been something blue, like in the sugared up version of the scene, but aluminium works too, as it reflects light the way a body of water does.

Bedouin on camel coloring sheet

Bedouin on camel coloring sheet; can you tell which one was colored by my kindergartner?

As I read the stories to them, they colored the bedouin on his camel (coloring sheet provided in the Activity Book). Then, I asked them the review questions. Finally, we worked on the map. It’s very tempting to do it all. But I decided this was enough for this chapter. There are three other activities recommended in the book, for those who do not have the book.