Monosyllabic Answers vs. Full Sentences

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For my son’s yearly checkup, we took him to the pediatrician who has seen him since he was one day old. It’s one hour away from home, but it’s worth it. We make a day of it, or half a day of it. Everything looked great and the doctor especially remarked how well-spoken my son was.

Writing With Ease

This pediatrician sees a lot of kids these days who answer his questions with one syllable: yeah, no, uh, err… My son answers in long sentences, four or five of them, and gives many details. Sometimes I think too many. We have to stop him gently and let other people continue the conversation. Continue reading »

I was proud, of course, that the doctor made that positive observation. Today, when I worked with him on reading comprehension and answering questions in full sentences, I was reminded of it.

We are working through Writing with Ease – everything is laid out and we just read and write, answer questions and do some copywork. Great stuff. Language arts at its best. Highly recommended.

We can actually do four lessons in one day, because it’s not that much and it takes about 20 minutes. Little sister sits through because the stories are lovely. She likes to answer questions, too. It counts as school for her, naturally. It’s a win-win.

We used to do one lesson per day, as recommended, but it was too short and too slow. Besides, my son is in second grade and this is Level 1. I would like to start Level 2 by January. Either way, we are fine, because the author actually says Level 4 is not even necessary. The material is advanced. But it’s a new goal and it works for us so I am sharing because it might work for others, too.