Why People Don’t Homeschool

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A Romanian blogger detailed recently how she decided to enroll her child in fifth grade this year, after looking at three possibilities: private school, middle school attached to a high school (which implies the teachers would be infinitely better than in a regular ol’ middle school, since they are qualified to teach secondary education), or a five-day homeschool co-op (if you will, a homeschool school where all the teachers are parents who hold university degrees in their subject).

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Today’s classrooms focus on testing and less on art.

The blog post is titled, “Why We Feel Threatened by Homeschooling” and yes, it is in Romanian. The link above will take you there if you can read that language.  Continue reading »

Now homeschooling is not exactly legal in Romania, but it can be done if one enrolls in a school abroad, in the UK or the US for instance. In that case, it is called correspondence school and should you get inquiries from the authorities you will be left alone.

She ended up choosing a fourth possibility: staying within the same K-8 school her daughter has attended so far. Her post is long, but in short she said, “I did not have the courage to homeschool. I did not have the courage to assume the responsibility of my child’s education. It’s easier to have somebody else to blame if something goes wrong.”

She was perfectly honest about this. She admires her friends who homeschool, but she says she prefers to leave the responsibility in somebody else’s lap. Then, she said, it will be easier to blame the classmates or the teacher or the principal or the government for whatever goes wrong in her child’s education.

There you have it, my friends, straight from the heart of a very honest person. Most people do not homeschool because they would rather blame somebody else than themselves if something should go wrong.