End of the School Year

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It is almost the end of May and this means summer break is here. We do not homeschool year round, although learning never stops. Children are naturally curious and they will learn even if I don’t record it as a school day.

Boy and girl holding homeschool certificates of completion

First grade and third grade certificates

We have some summer camps coming up: art, orchestra, app making, manners, soccer, swimming, archery – all these activities involve learning. I have not yet decided if I should count these days toward their next school year. This past school year, I did. But it almost feels like cheating. Continue reading »

School should not be a dreadful thing, but life is not always pleasant and school is supposed to be a preparation for life. Life’s duties must be done however tiresome they might be. And, sometimes, school work (or learning) can be tiresome and frustrating. That’s part of “real life.”

You know how public school parents chide homeschool parents for not giving their children the “real world?” They are wrong. The real world contains lots of opportunities for being lazy when not under supervision – that happens at home as well as at school; for doing hard things – that happens at home as well as at school; for covering up your mistakes instead of admitting them and learning to make better choices – that happens at home as well as at school. I could go on and on.

Back to my topic: another school year is behind us. I printed out a certificate of completion for each child, filled out their grade and name, the date, my signature, and I snapped the picture above. Each child has a cumulative file at our umbrella school and also one at home. Every year, the certificates end up there, alongside their curriculum list and attendance record.

The kids have grown in every sense of the word. I have grown a few more gray hairs. I don’t want to say that I have grown and developed more patience, for instance, because as soon as I say that something happens and wham! I lose my temper – proof positive that it is time to eat humble pie.

I have relaxed a bit though, I am thankful for that. I am my own worst critic and can be very hard on myself. Going through a few natural disasters has loosened me, I suppose. Here’s to a great summer break! I will keep blogging through the summer about our various activities.

Thoughtful Thursday Week 24 – Completion

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Learning never ends, but school years do. After 180 days of school, we were happy to take our children out for a nice lunch at The Wild Plum Tea Room and give them their Certificates of Completion. Our son finished first grade, and our daughter Pre-Kindergarten.

We would like to go to the same restaurant every year for this event, but maybe that’s not necessary. Maybe every year we will feel like trying a different place. Who knows what the future will bring?


But The Wild Plum was a great choice for this year. They serve their delicious orange tea and many healthy choices.

Too bad it is not exactly man food. Our principal was not too fond of their menu, but we made it through and had a good time as a family (and school).  Continue reading »

Just for reference: in our homeschool, there really is not a big difference between Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten, but we had to give it a different name to make sure our daughter felt special, too. Last year, she finished Preschool. This year, it was something different.

A lot of her books are not finished, partly because we bought too many, and also because they are meant for any schoolwork done before First Grade. As such, we will continue with much of the same materials as she starts Kindergarten in August, but we will add Phonics. Later in the year, we will add handwriting and Right Start Mathematics.

It feels good to be finished. We need to mark the end of the 180 days of learning in order to feel the sentence has come to a full-stop. Or a period. Or an exclamation point. Done! Check. Summer can begin.

The trouble is, our first week of summer vacation was super busy with swim lessons, our daughter starting violin lessons outside the home, art workshops at the library for the summer reading program, and so on. The good news is we will slow down after next week, when we have soccer camp. July promises to be less scheduled. More time to truly rest and breathe. Looking forward to it.